National Thanksgiving Day

Khreshatyk str. Kiev, Ukraine

September 15, 2019


thanksgiving Day
Celebration 2019

Ukraine’s Open-air Thanksgiving Day Celebration is the largest Christian outreach event in Europe which exists to share the message of Jesus, unite the people of Ukraine in thanksgiving to God and start a culture of gratitude in the hearts of Ukrainians. Last year, more than 500,000 people attended the festival and it promises to be even bigger this year. The day program of the Celebration will provide 15 sports locations, children‘s workshops and entertainment, lounge areas, food courts, fan zones, competitions, skateboarders and bikers’ shows. The evening gala will feature performances from world famous musicians and appearances by evangelist and inspirational speaker Nick Vujicic and Governor Mike Huckabee.


Nick Vujicic

Evangelist, motivational speaker

Chris Tomlin

American contemporary Christian
music artist, worship leader, songwriter

Nick Hall

Evangelist, motivational speaker

Mike Huckabee

Minister, Former Arkansas Governor


Ways to participate:

  • 1 Be a prayer warrior and intercede for the attendees, organizers, and people of Ukraine.
  • 2 Donate to help print and distribute 200,000 special edition Bibles at the festival. $3 will help one person hear the Gospel and receive a free Bible.
  • 3 Sponsor a child from a Ukrainian orphanage or a local person with disabilities attend by donating $100.
  • 4 Prayerfully consider becoming a volunteer or sending a group of volunteers from your church or organization, to distribute flyers and Bibles.

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About the festival:

Ukraine’s Open-air Thanksgiving Day Celebration takes over the streets of Kyiv for one day with hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians, spreading the Gospel message to countless people in this former Communist country. The outdoor format of the festival means we can engage passerby in various sports and recreational activities throughout the day, all with the idea of showing a culture of love and gratitude in Ukraine.

How it started:

On September, 17, 2017, thanks to the remarkable cooperation of Evangelical churches in Ukraine (and the United States?), we held the first open-air National Thanksgiving Day Celebration, which was attended by nearly half a million people in downtown Kyiv. This unifying project was supported by the President of Ukraine and was a tremendous success. The festival was broadcast to millions of people in 24 countries.

In 2018, the Second National Thanksgiving Day Celebration festival gathered hundreds of thousands of people in the central square to express their gratitude to God for family, love, health, the harvest, and their country. The regions and cities of Ukraine have adopted this tradition and many have started their own Thanksgiving Day festivals to bring people to faith in Jesus Christ.

Why Ukraine?

 Ukraine became an independent nation in 1991 following the breakup of the Soviet Union, which had imposed a communist, atheist ideology on the people of Ukraine. Thanks to the work of countless evangelists and celebrations like the National Day of Thanksgiving, Ukraine is now one of the leading centers of evangelism in Europe. Now is an unique time to share the Gospel and put Biblical pillars at the foundation of our young country. The soil is rich and the fields are ripe for Harvest!